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Leadership Styles & Roles

Topsail Group works with leaders to make sure their “total style” is packaged correctly so it is the “right” style for the company. Key here is that it is communicated clearly for maximum operating effectiveness and fit. Leadership Styles are rarely one type but mostly a combination of the basic six.

There are 6 basic Leadership Styles:

Visionary: moves people toward shared dreams; uses empathy, transparency, honesty.

Coaching: connects what a person wants with the organization’s goals; concentrates on personal development not tasks.

Affiliate: creates harmony by connecting people to each other; uses collaborative competence in action, emotional needs first.

Democratic: values people’s input and gets commitment through participation; builds buy-in or consensus in order to get valuable input from employees.

Pacesetting: a way to meet challenging and exciting goals; however, sustained high pressure can be debilitating.

Commanding: gives clear direction and “orders” especially in an emergency; but it is a coercive style and can be viewed negatively by other employees

Functional Role versus Leadership Role:

Topsail Group helps company leaders to not only address their function role efficiently, but also to embrace their “Leadership Role” effectively and with great vigor and passion.

Functional Role

  • Administers
  • Accepts status quo
  • Relies on Control
  • Short-range view
  • Focus: bottom line
  • Systems & Procedures
  • Does things right


  • Innovates
  • Challenges status quo
  • Inspires trust
  • Long-range perspective
  • Focus: on the horizon
  • People & Culture
  • Does the right things


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