Topsail Group, LLC

Executive Coaching

A full-service, customized coaching program that includes analysis, reflection, prognosis, and an action plan for the executive:

Assessment and positioning in the marketplace and in the company

Development of communication, management, and leadership skills

Career stability and continued success; areas covered include:

  • Corporate Culture
  • Strategic Objectives and Plans
  • Organizational Structure
  • Operating Systems and Procedures
  • Technical Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills


A holistic approach to an executive's life skills and career cycle.

Topsail Executive Coaching Cycle — TECC:

Coaching Cycle
 Re-launch new job, new company
company A to company B
 Re-focus promotion within company
  VP to EVP; division to corporate
 Re-vitalize  current career
 operations to strategy; hierarchical to matrix organization
 Re-calibrate  change in ownership
 mergers, acquisitions, private, or public
 Re-start  a new career
 corporate to entrepreneurial
 Re-generate  a fresh start
 vocation to avocation


Case Histories