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Consultative Selling

In the past, business development and sales activities essentially meant doing something to someone (prospective customers — get them to buy something from you), rather than for or with someone.  Generally speaking, this kind of business development/sales activity didn't normally help customers get what they want or help them solve their specific business needs or objectives.

By contrast, the overall objective of consultative selling is not just get your customer "to buy something" — but rather to try and help your customer succeed (with their objectives or needs) — by working as partners on the same team to mutually explore the shared outcome of a possible solution. This way, you add value and create customer loyalty while building your long-term business relationship.

Topsail Group can help your company develop its business development activities by focusing on consultative selling objectives, skills, and techniques. We employ the O.R.D.E.R. Model as a key tool as we look to overhaul your company's business development initiatives and help train your business development professionals.

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