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Business development consists of a number of skills, techniques, and responsibilities which aim at gaining new customers and at penetrating existing customers and markets. These may include:

  • Assessment of marketing opportunities and target markets
  • Intelligence gathering on customers and competitors
  • Prospecting and generating leads for possible sales
  • Advising on, drafting and enforcing sales policies and processes
  • Follow-up sales activity
  • Formal proposal or presentation management and writing
  • Pitch and presentation rehearsals
  • Closing and landing the business
  • Formalizing the overall business development methodology and design
  • Business development involves evaluating a business and then realizing its full potential, using such tools as:
  • Marketing
  • Information management
  • Customer service

Topsail Group can help your company develop its business development model and activities while helping to train your business development professionals.

Do you need to improve your business development activities?

Case Histories

In the old game, one person could do the selling. In the new game you need a team from your company. The reason you need a team is the solution you’re going to create is going to come from different parts of the company.Ram Charan