Topsail Group, LLC

Searching for an Agency

No matter how hard an agency and a client try sometimes the relationship has to change. It should only be done when it has been determined that the relationship cannot be saved. Then you want to find the right agency, with the right fit, quickly and professionally.

A client search for an agency has to be carefully managed

  • Fairness and integrity must be maintained.
  • Procedure has to have room for creativity, but it must stand up to outside scrutiny
  • Topsail does not do "cookie cutter searches" instead it conducts each search for a new agency with the clients needs in the center.
  • No two searches can be the same; they are unique as clients are unique

Topsail is a 4A Agency Selector Consultant

  • Topsail is current in dialogue with most of the top agencies on all the performance dimensions
  • We receive their most recent information daily
  • We understand the Communication Agency business
  • Topsail can translate what a client wants in an agency and provide a professional process to find the right fit

Do you need find a new communications agency?

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