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Client Agency Relationships

This section reflects on the importance of relationships. In any business, but especially in the communication agency business, a good relationship means a loyal and happy client. It is far more expensive to win a new client than to keep and nourish an existing relationship.

The client relationship is most important

Providing good service to a client is good business

Topsail offers workshops on how to improve your client / agency relationship

  • Workshops such as: Creating client loyalty, client perceptions of value, dealing with a tough client, how do you save a relationship, how do you make a client come back year after year
  • Other Important subjects covered: Good relationships with the client are critical; satisfied clients/customers are loyal; when agency client relationships break down they can be fixed; loyal clients will almost always give you another chance; account managers are responsible for the relationship; overall quality of the relationship needs to be assessed constantly; slope of the relationship-improving or declining; specific areas to focus remedial action; consistency of service over time; and prevention of problems in the first place. 

Topsail Group has had this experience from agency side and the client side. 

Topsail can improve your client and agency relationships.

Do you need to improve your Client /Agency Relationships?

Case Histories

The power of our model (for our agency) is in the strength of our relationships which allows us to do great work.John McGarry
CEO mcgarrybowen