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Collaborate, don’t compromise

Collaborate, don’t compromise

Internal communications is all communication (formal and informal) that an organization undertakes with its close stakeholders, the people with whom it has a relationship that requires support, principally direct/indirect employees and/or members. The main purpose of formal internal communications is to inform employees or members of the direction and performance of the organization (and/or team) to which they belong.

The company has to first look at itself as one huge team. A team functions at a high performing level because of clear communication. It begins with vision and then turns into policy, procedure and process. Team focus is the keystone to how all communications should be viewed.

It does no harm to over communicate.  Lack of information will drive employees to the rumor mill and misinformation will rule.

Clarity is essential. If your employees at all levels cannot communicate clearly in writing and make persuasive presentations to customers and clients this has to change. They have to be trained.  The employees are the company and their face is the all important company face.

Leadership has to have a dialogue with all the people in the company. There are many means but it has to be done in an integrated way with on-message content and clarity.

Don't overlook this important driver of performance. Make your internal communication as strong as you can.

Topsail can help you with an assessment and a direction for stronger internal communications.

Topsail Group has several assessment tools that help in determining how companies can communicate better internally: The Topsail Personality Profile (TPP), Topsail Decision Making (TDM), and the Strategic Influencing Model.  All three of these tools are used in workshops to help uncover the barriers to internal communication.

  • Strategic Influencing Model Strategic Influencing Model
  • Topsail Decision Making Topsail Decision Making
  • Topsail Personality Profile Topsail Personality Profile
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