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Client & Customer Audits

The client relationship is most important

  • The only way to find out whether your relationship is in trouble is to do a third party audit; but you have to be careful when outsiders talk to your clients. It has to be done correctly and with an eye towards fixing the problem not opening up more issues. Topsail knows how to do a client audit and with care.
  • Topsail has created the Topsail Client Relationship Monitor; it is an effective way to evaluate the relationship
  • Custom-made instrument to truly understand your relationship with your client
  • The questions to be asked have to be right and it has to be professionally executed
  • Topsail Relationship Monitor shows an agency how to evaluate relationships
  • The overall quality of the relationship needs to be assessed constantly
  • The specific areas to focus remedial action

Providing good service to a client is good business

Even if the relationship is almost too far gone an audit can rekindle a service mentality and perhaps save a bad situation

Topsail Group has had this experience from agency side and the client side. 

Topsail can improve your client and agency relationships.

Do you need to improve your Client /Agency Relationships?

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