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Steve Norcia leading an agency workshop

Steve Norcia leading an agency workshop

Advertising Agency Operations are becoming more complicated since the business has been dislocated due to the narrowing targeting, new media and the Internet. Compensation to agencies has always been under fire, now it is getting worse. How can Agency principals keep up and continue to provide added value to their clients when they are given less and less financial resources to cover the additional work?

Agency experience is the only way to understand how an agency works. It is not learned in a book.

Organizational efficiency is hard to achieve but it can be done with the right coaching, mentoring of executives.

The Topsail Group method of training is interactive workshops. Modules are offered in account management, relationship skills at all levels, presentation skills, and project management.  

New Business is the Lifeblood of an agency. Topsail focuses on Skills and Drills in Prospecting, Closing, Pitch Consulting, Adding Value, Providing Uniqueness, Selling Benefits, and Data Base Management.

Effective negotiating is part of the "partnering process' and it is usually expected by the client; these skills can be learned.

Topsail Group has had this experience from agency side and the client side. 

Topsail can improve your agency operations and business practices.

For Communications Agencies, Do you need to improve your Agency Operations?         

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New Business is the Lifeblood of a communication agency.