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Solving Communications Problems

Companies need to communicate clearly. When they don't they are in for trouble. The first place to look for solving a problem in communications is simply what the company is trying to say. If the rank and file does not know the mission, strategy and value proposition, clear communication to your staff is a good place to start.

But that is just the beginning. Is there frequent and clear communication from the top of the company? Is management communicating frequently? Are the communication content aligned with the direction of the company? Is this communication the same for the internal audience and the external audience? What are the differences? Do you have agencies that communicate to your consumers and or customers? Are they doing the job? Are they creative enough? How do you find the best creativity? How is the relationship working? Have you audited your customers and clients to see how they value your relationship? What do they think you are saying in your communication? Is there any reason to select a new agency? How do you do that? Is your team competent when they present the company? Do they need presentation training?

Topsail Group can help your company develop an overall communications strategy and help you implement it.

Do you want to solve some of your communications problems?

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