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Internal Branding

Internal Branding is a comprehensive and integrated strategy to internally market the Company Brand to all employees.

The benefits of Internal Branding are:

  • Helps to align employee behavior with the Company’s Value Proposition
  • Once employees are informed, motivated, trained, they buy-in and improve their performance
  • Helps to build teams of dedicated and engaged employees

By leveraging employees as brand champions, they work to reinforce the vision of the company everyday between each other or as they interact with your customers.

Companies with high levels of employee trust, understanding and belief [in their brand], perform better [company earnings] than companies with low levels by as much as 186%. -- Watson Wyatt Worldwide

Internal Branding Model:

  • Internal Branding Internal Branding
    Internal Branding Model
  • Direction Direction
    Determining Direction
  • Path Path
    Choosing a Path
  • Action Action
    Taking Action 5P's: Process, Price, Promotion, Place, Physical Evidence
  • Employee Engagement Employee Engagement
    Employee Engagement Model
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