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External Branding Model

External Branding and Brand Planning Models


Step one is to analyze all your research and do some more if there are gaps or openings that need to be visited. Ideally it will include all business and customer trends. It may also be necessary to conduct interviews for key issues which will help to identify key drivers, gaps, and unmet potential. Lastly, you need to really understand the strategy of the competition.

  • Ride-along with sales force/distributors
  • One-on-One Key Company Interviews
  • Customer Qualitative Research: Explore the Category, Market & Users
  • Analyze Data


Topsail begins the Exploration with a well documented SWOT analysis and a clear articulation of the leadership vision right from the top of the company, perhaps the CEO or at the very least the Executive Leadership Team. It should answer some of the following questions: Who are we? What do we stand for? Where are we going? Finally what is the value proposition and what is the brand identity? Most of the time, the Explore Step is conducted using interactive workshops.

  • Company Workshop: Review Findings
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Who are we?
  • What do we stand for?
  • Where are we going?
  • Create Company/Brand Value Proposition
  • Agree on Brand Model & Key Brand Attributes


Assessment now takes all that has been done before and begins to reveal how the brand will be created. It begins with a Strategic assessment to identify the new strategy and to produce a clearly written Brand positioning statement. We then utilize another model, the Brand Planning Model as a way to check all the important components needed to make the correct assessment. Then we concentrate on different iterations and alternate ideas, conduct a management check or fine tune review to obtain buy-in and make the necessary adjustments. This rigs all the sails so we can move to ideation and implementation.

  • Develop several Brand Positioning Concepts
  • Identify Brand Triggers
  • Customer Qualitative Research: Obtain Feedback
  • Workshop: Review Findings & Integrate into Brand Model


Here is where the pure creativity begins, beginning with a clear branding positioning brief which concentrates on the insight from the data. This leads to concept development of the brand. It is preliminarily executed in concept form in a “Brand Manual” that clearly and visually communicates; it should articulate strategy and positioning. The final stage of this Ideate step is the development of the accepted marketing strategy and plans.

  • Finalize Brand Positioning & Brand Templates
  • Create Brand Manual & Brochures: Strategy, Positioning, and all Branding, Marketing, and Advertising Elements


Now we are ready to implement branding internally and externally. By now the New defined brand is embraced internally and it is properly announced via a “kick-off” to all audiences, i.e. team workshops, meetings, PR, etc. Simultaneously, the company creates and develops a campaign and runs it across the appropriate media platforms: TV, Print, Internet etc.

  • Determine How to Measure: Brand Monitor
  • Launch to Employees, Distributors, Retailers, Customers

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