Topsail Group, LLC

Creative Intelligence

  • Our guiding principle is Creative Intelligence, which makes our work strategically correct, systematically consistent, and pragmatically clear
  • Executing successfully on strategy is an art that combines intellect and instinct driven by a brand’s essence
  • "The big idea" creates brand aura, brand definition and brand desire
  • We have proven experience in creating programs for the consumer as well as business to business

The Importance of Design:

  • Design is a plan of action
  • Its importance is directly related to its ability to make the overall plan clear and successful
  • Good design makes a brand recognizable, desirable, and timeless
  • Every decision: color, shape, texture and look and feel of a successful design is a considered step to making good on the goals of a brand
  • We have passionate designers; this makes our work different and distinctive

Executing with Creativity

  • Superb Execution is the objective
  • It all starts with a concept that can be executed in all relevant media forms
  • Topsail’s breadth is from preparation of concepts in rich illustrative format or actual finished advertising materials
  • Integration across all media forms is essential and a tribute to the breadth of the “creative concept”

Creative Solutions

  • Name Generation
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Sale support materials
  • Investor Presentations
  • New product development
  • Re-positioning programs
  • Integrated brand communications for all internal and external audiences
  • e-marketing
  • retail

To learn more about how Topsail Group leverages creativity into our branding for our clients: Contact us or call us today.