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External Branding

External branding is the sum of all marketing activities created to influence the mind-set and purchase behavior of customers and prospective customers for your company’s product or service. Branding if properly articulated and well-defined accretes value to your company in many ways. For example, branding can help provide an identity and architecture for your overall company and product brands, an easily identified brand personality, a clear positioning for the company and the products/services that differentiates clearly from your competition and it helps maximize company revenues.

Many companies have a point of view on branding. In many cases they are well executed. But many companies have programs that are either incomplete or not creative enough. Some are in need of updating or re-fitting. So if you are not satisfied with your consumer and or customer branding, why not examine it via a Topsail Branding Audit.

For example, branding is a long term proposition. Over time you should be depositing brand equity into the brand bank. So if you are not making these long term investments you again should be examining what you are doing and look at revitalizing your branding program.

One of the key components to branding is messaging clarity and alignment. So, are your consumers and or customers receiving the clear and correct messages in advertising and promotion of the brand? If you feel it can be improved why not try working with Topsail Group to learn about the possibilities? Once you decide, it begs the question of how creative your company is when presenting your brand. Are you creating a truly unique brand or brands and how do you do that? Topsail Group is here to help.

Some corporate brands are strong, some product/service brands are strong; it depends on the business and the corporate objectives. But branding and sub-branding is complicated. If you are wondering if your products and services need a brand identity that fits hand and glove into your corporate brand identity, give Topsail Group a try.

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