Topsail Group, LLC


  • Neopost USA

    Role: Executive Team Building

    Topsail did a great job developing a value proposition with me and my leadership team at Neopost USA. Steve and Alex have that valuable blend of theoretical and practical application that yields lively discussions and productive outcomes. A portion of their success with Neopost USA can be attributed to their work plan, which involved learning our business and understanding the personalities of the leadership team.

    Dennis P. LeStrange
    President and CEO, Neopost USA

  • Henkel North America

    Role: Branding

    Topsail Group created a unique environment to help us further develop our branding initiative in North America. We are on the threshold of revitalizing all of our brands and concentrating on global alignment. Topsail Group provided valuable ideas and a blueprint on how to proceed.

    Michael Quail
    VP, Marketing Henkel Technologies, Henkel North America

  • Remy Cointreau USA

    Role: Executive Team Building

    Topsail Group was excellent at getting our executive management team to focus in the right areas and really define our mission and strategy. As experienced executives themselves, Alex and Steve really understood how to help us achieve our goals for the program.

    Tom Jensen
    President & CEO, Remy Cointreau USA

  • Pfizer

    Role: Communications Workshop

    Topsail Group is one of the best consulting firms that I have worked with. My Pfizer team meets with a lot of third parties as it explores new business development opportunities. Topsail Group gave us an excellent way for my team to understand its own strengths and to quickly evaluate potential partners and move quickly to form and to build strong business relationships.

    Marc Rovner
    Vice President, Global New Markets, Pfizer

  • State Street Global Advisors

    Role: Consulting

    We engaged Topsail Group to help us work through some foundational elements of our marketing and agency selection strategy. They listened to our needs and objectives. Steve and Alex were candid, quick, and gave us good advice. With their extensive business experience, both Steve and Alex addressed our needs and objectives with great enthusiasm, service, and follow through.

    Gary MacDonald
    Principal and Marketing Director, State Street Global Advisors


    Role: Team Building

    Topsail Group made great suggestions on the best way to facilitate and insightful discussion between a powerful team of business development executives and business analysts. They provided a comprehensive framework and approach to considering who, how, and what our clients think as we’re engaging in the consultative sales and delivery process. They also encapsulated and communicated the stuff that I thought was raw instinct for only the very best relationship builders. This was a superb team building and team engagement session.

    Steve Girling
    Managing Director, SMARTANALYST, Inc

  • mcgarrybowen

    Role: Account Management Skills Training

    "The fact that both Steve and Alex have agency and client-side experience was instrumental to relating the information to our needs."

    "The workshop was most successful because the consultants have deep-rooted experience and many examples to share."

    "I enjoyed asking questions about my current circumstance and listening to the advice of the consultants."

    "The personality profiling of clients was the most worthwhile. I enjoyed the listening demonstration the best."

    Quotes from the participants taken from their formal evaluation of the Workshop.

  • Salans Law Firm

    Role: Internal and External Branding

    Today, law firms have to look at branding to help their business. Salans is an international law firm and we are no exception. Topsail Group provided insightful and sound advice on our Internal and External Branding issues. I highly recommend them for their experience, creativity, and service.

    George T. Heath
    Director of Professional Resources, Salans Law Firm

  • Bentley Associates L.P.

    Role: Communications and Presentations

    Topsail Group delivered a communications and presentations skills workshop to our investment bankers. Since we offer a full array of services to middle market and growth companies, Topsail's insights and techniques were relevant, on target, and useful ...... especially when we pitch for client deals.

    Oliver D. Cromwell
    President, Bentley Associates L.P.

  • Avenue A/Razorfish currently Razorfish

    Role: Team Building and Coaching

    Steve has brought a lot of content to our account management staff through his unique One-on-one personal coaching method. He is an authority on the client/agency relationship, both traditional and Interactive, and has a lot of personal experience in this area.

    Jim Warner
    President, Avenue A

  • Arnold Worldwide St. Louis

    Role: Relationships and High Performance Team Workshop

    I trust Topsail Group to help us work more as a team at this important time in our growth. Arnold Worldwide is on the threshold of a great future, and Topsail has helped us move to another level in terms of working with each other and our clients.

    Managing Partner, CMO, Arnold Worldwide St. Louis
    Steve Swanson

  • Remy Cointreau USA

    Role: Team Building

    Remy Cointreau USA is going through an extraordinary transformation. Our engaged, motivated employees are our biggest asset to help us navigate these changes. Topsail did an outstanding job of getting our newly designed Field Marketing Organization aligned around their mission, strategy, and pledge to one another and value to the greater organization. Topsail was able to take us to a whole new level of teamwork.

    Marie Mann
    Senior Vice President, HR

  • Whitaker Center

    Role: Building High Performance Teams

    Topsail brought our Whitaker Center executive team to a higher level of performance. We were able to enthusiastically create several new business building programs that we had never seen before. We are now far more collaborative and productive. Topsail's preparation was extensive and they helped to provide many relevant insights.

    Byron Quann
    President & CEO, Whitaker Center

  • Cossette Post Communications

    Role: Presenting and Communications Skills

    We are in the persuasion and presentation business. It is important to realize that many skills are forgotten over time and continually need reinforcement. Topsail Group makes the learning of presenting skills fun and exciting. Our people are still talking about it.

    Peter Post
    CEO, Cossette Post Communications

  • DeVito Fitterman Advertising

    Role: Business Development

    Steve Norcia is absolutely the best new business guy I've ever worked with. Our track record at Lintas was sensational. He has a wealth of marketing expertise and people skills. As a Managing Director, he was a great partner. As a marketing consultant to us he continued to prove how smart, buttoned up, energetic, pro active and pleasant he is to work with. Steve is a pro among pros and the kind of person you want on your side in whatever it is you want to accomplish.

    Frank DeVito
    DeVito Fitterman Advertising

  • LM&O

    Role: Account Management and Team Training

    Topsail conducted a workshop for our account management team. After the team training, the session was quite the buzz here. Everyone picked up a lot of relevant learning; references to "sails" etc. are heard in casual conversations around the office. Seems everyone thought it was time very well spent. It gave just the boost to account management that I was looking for.

    Doug Laughlin
    President, LM&O

  • American Bible Society

    Role: Strategic Planning

    We worked with Topsail Group in the area of strategic planning. They were thorough, helpful, and came up with some compelling ideas for our organization. We highly recommend them.

    John Grant
    Trustee, American Bible Society, Strategic Planning Task Force, American Bible Society

  • Bezos Nathanson Marketing Group

    Role: Business Development

    Topsail Group has helped us enormously both in Business Development and with our Alliances. They are well connected and have been able to couple us with prospects, and partners that have contributed to our overall positioning strategy and growth. We enjoy having a team player like Steve at Bezos Nathanson-Marketing Group, it makes our work more fun and more productive.

    David Nathanson
    Bezos Nathanson Marketing Group

  • Creative Partners LLC

    Role: Strategy Development

    Topsail Group has been consulting for Creative Partners on lead generation, organizational structure and strategy. Their advertising and agency insights have been invaluable in helping to structure and grow our business.

    Peter Schelfhaudt
    President, Creative Partners LLC

  • Crossmedia, New York City

    Role: Consulting and Mentoring

    We are a small start-up channel driven media planning company. It was important for us to validate the correct positioning for our offerings, our marketing and our business development approach. Topsail helped us with senior advice. They examined everything, coached us tirelessly and helped Crossmedia move to the next level.

    Martin Albrecht and Kamran Asghar
    Founders, Crossmedia, New York City

  • Klinge & Associates

    Role: Business Coach and Mentor

    Topsail helped by providing me with sound advice and business coaching that contributed to opening my own consulting firm." (Klinge & Associates mission is to help companies by developing and implementing big, breakout ideas that grow sales and strengthen customer relationships.) "They are insightful and have a good method, the Topsail Positioning System. It works.

    Peter Klinge, Jr.
    Principal, Klinge & Associates

  • JRB Professional Services

    Role: Business Consulting & Coaching

    Topsail was very helpful to me as I started up my own advertising & marketing business development consultancy. Their advice, insight and relevant experience has proven to be invaluable. They addressed all my needs even though I reside in Brussels, Belguim. I highly recommend them if you need to jump start a new venture, especially in the communications arena.

    John Buckie
    President, JRB Professional Services