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Claire Geier

Claire Geier

Claire Geier, an experienced advertising executive with J. Walter Thompson and Earle Palmer Brown, has managed a variety of businesses including a major US airline, USAir, and one of the world's most respected diet services, Weight Watchers.

For the past 12 years, she has focused on her real passion, consumer insights. Clair believes that effective communications has to begin with harnessing a clear insight about the customer to the brand truth. Employing her own creative and unconventional interview techniques, she has worked with a wide variety of clients to help them uncover the key insight that enabled them to effectively position and differentiate their brands. Notable clients include: Blackboard, Inc., The American Red Cross, QuickChek Food Stores, National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, The Kaplan Thaler Group, and McCann-Erickson. Working with the Kaplan Thaler Group, she has positioned and launhed a variety of successful prescription drugs.

Category experience includes travel, banking, non-profits, utilities, healthcare and pharmaceutials, food service and retail.

Claire started her career as a political analyst on Capitol Hill. She graduated from the Catholic University of America with a BA degree in Political Science and received a MA in International Politis from the George Washington University.