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Case Histories: Internal Communications

  • “To present and communicate more effectively in order to pitch and then close the deal”


    An investment banking firm located in New York City continued to grow successfully every year with both current and new clients. The firm is comprised of senior level investment bankers who provide a full array of services to middle market and growth companies both domestically and internationally. Their primary focus and areas of expertise included mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, the private placement of debt and equity, joint ventures, project financings, valuations, and restructurings and workouts. However, the President of the investment banking firm wanted to squeeze out more effectiveness by closing deals more quickly. He sought help to strengthen their presentations to prospects.


    Topsail Group conducted interviews with key executives of the firm; it was evident that these professional investment bankers were experts in financial activities (for their respective industries) and were highly skilled. Their “pitching the initial deal” was directed to small groups of people –usually less than five, but most times two and across a table. This was very different than presenting and persuading large audiences. This unique presentation environment necessitated a different set of skills. Topsail Group created and delivered an effective communication and presentation skills workshop to address this scenario. The key topic areas covered included: one-on-one communications skill techniques including essential listening and speaking methods; how to interpret, translate, and give targeted feedback; how to keep the dialogue on track; a process to induce structure to maximize control of meetings; how to persuade by using the four levels of strategic influencing; and the use of storytelling and analogies that can help to close deals.


    The investment bankers were attentive, fully engaged, and enthusiastic during the workshop sessions. Their pitches changed considerably after being exposed to the new material. The President of the firm was pleased and stated that “Topsail's insights and techniques were relevant, on target, and useful.”

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