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Case Histories: Agency Search

  • “Select an Advertising Agency to help re-establish asset management leadership”


    An asset management division of a global bank asked Topsail Group to help them find an advertising agency. Their existing agency was not satisfying their needs. This bank was the inventor of this category and they wanted a stronger creative message. This client did not have experience and was not comfortable selecting an advertising agency on this scale. They wanted a fair system of screening and selecting the agencies. They wanted to insure the eventually chosen firm had the capability of fulfilling their needs.


    Topsail is on the list of recommended Agency Selector Consultants compiled by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s). Topsail screened and evaluated agencies; established a process for evaluating and determining the essential criteria. Topsail Group compiled a list of 30 potential agencies to pursue from experience, unique data base and up-to-the-minute information from all sources. Topsail Group contacted the candidates to discuss the confidential assignment (cloaking the client) to assess interest and conflict issues. Topsail then assessed and qualified a “long list” of 16 agencies; then helped the client write the Request for Proposal (RFP) and sent it to the16 agencies. Topsail analyzed the responses and then presented an executive summary along with positives and negatives against the selection criteria for the client to evaluate. Client then visited selected agencies and narrowed it down to 3 short list agencies and eventually chose the winner. Topsail Group was integral to this process and endorsed their eventual data and chemistry based decision.


    This bank has had a great relationship with this agency for 4 years and it is thriving. After having created one of the most notable advertising campaigns in existence today, this client is more than satisfied with the process used to find their agency partner.

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