Topsail Group, LLC


Topsail Group believes effective branding has two parts: Internal Branding focuses on employees while External Branding focuses on customers. We create branding programs so both components are integrated, synchronized and symbiotic.

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Topsail Group believes organizations work more effectively with good teamwork. We view everything through a “team filter” because teamwork is at the heart of achievement. It affects leadership, executive performance, business development, customer service, and the overall efficiency of any company of any size.

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Topsail Group believes clear communication separates high performing companies from the pack. We specialize in communications between: companies and customers, management and employees, clients and agencies, sales and marketing, domestic and international, internal and external relationships and more.

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Topsail Group believes in adding value to your firm. We are a boutique consulting and training firm led by Steve Norcia and Alex Szabo, executives with high-level industry experience and real-world insights. One of the things that sets us apart is our sense of urgency. We are performance-based and consistently produce results that exceed our client's expectations.

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