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This section reflects on the importance of relationships. In any business, but especially in the communication agency business, a good relationship means a loyal and happy client. It is far more expensive to win a new client than to keep and nourish an existing relationship.

The client relationship is most important

Providing good service to a client is good business

Topsail offers workshops on how to improve your client / agency relationship

  • Workshops such as: Creating client loyalty, client perceptions of value, dealing with a tough client, how do you save a relationship, how do you make a client come back year after year
  • Other Important subjects covered: Good relationships with the client are critical; satisfied clients/customers are loyal; when agency client relationships break down they can be fixed; loyal clients will almost always give you another chance; account managers are responsible for the relationship; overall quality of the relationship needs to be assessed constantly; slope of the relationship-improving or declining; specific areas to focus remedial action; consistency of service over time; and prevention of problems in the first place. 

Topsail Group has had this experience from agency side and the client side. 

Topsail can improve your client and agency relationships.

  • A Very Satisfied Customer is Loyal
  • Why Relationships Break Down
  • High Performance Teams deliver superior results for their clients High Performance Teams deliver superior results for their clients
  • Every presentation is a performance Every presentation is a performance
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Do you need to improve your Client /Agency Relationships?